What Are Healing Glyphs?

By Jean Logan

The following is in part a message from the Sirians, channeled by Alberto Letelier, of Chile, who has translated “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” into Spanish. 

“They (the Sirians) said to me that at the beginning glyphs were stone structures that needed to unlock the galactic radiations and irradiate their power through the etheric grid, the weave (etheric fabric…). To mark the grid (weave) of persons that will read/see them, putting them in vibratory contact with high level energies, because these persons will resonate with such high level energies, and by this way they will be able to change their inner etheric grid (level of awareness, level of vibration, knowledge, inner emotions, at their subtle bodies). This allows people to heal mental patterns because their internal grid is restructured with the glyphs vibrations. These vibrations are in correspondence with the highest vibrations of The Source. They resound at high spiritual levels.

These images are at first visualized, conceptualized, by high level angelic beings that translate them, and send them to the person that does channeling. Also a prayer is given in harmony with the glyph that helps to restructure the subtle body patterns. 

These glyphs must have to be utilized, let us hope 40 days each one, in order to achieve an ideal result of erasing an old imprint. Ideally they can be ordered (this glyph at first place...) when applying them, but it is not necessary.

​Of course, chakras are bridges of entrance of information to the body; so, putting the glyphs on the chakras makes the vibratory information repattern the body.

​The closer the glyph is to the chakra where the pattern is to dissolve, the better. They can be put on 2 or more chakras but usually there will be one chakra in connection with one subtle body that will be where the glyph will resonate the most to dissolve or reorganize that pattern…

​The glyph also reconnects the soul to the very first energies, to healthy archetype patterns. Having healed the archetypal patterns, there is a much easier connection with the angelic kingdoms, because there is no impediment of unhealthy patterns that tie so much to the material. The body becomes a lot more subtle, and it is easier to achieve high levels.

If someone would like to use many glyphs in a fast and flighty way, one after the other before they had made their total work, the results are not so good. It is better to go with one or two, arranging the subtle bodies.

When the Sirians speak of using each glyph 40 times, they are speaking about the glyphs that hold toxic matter in the body, both emotional and physical.  These include 1,2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 18, 56 and 82. Use the following frequently, although not necessarily forty times: 9, 10, 14, 15, 25, 26, 29, 30, 46 and 61. The purpose of using these glyphs this often is to help each person uncover who they really are and why they are here. Use any other glyphs as desired or needed. Although they say for best effect use only two at a time, when I was going through my divorce I piled five of them on top of each other, Sadness, Resentment, Heartache, Fear and Trust and put them on my heart chakra. It worked very well.