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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

A Lump In My Breast

Dr Jean

I want to state up front that I do not go to traditional medical doctors for anything other than injuries. Although there are many good doctors, so many of them are under mind control and cannot see past drug, cut and poison. As a professional in alternative therapies, I believe mammograms are dangerous and do more harm than good. This is what occurred to me in 2012.

I noticed a lump in my left breast. I put a half of page (eight of the glyphs) of the Malignancy Glyph, #69, from Sacred Symbols of Light in a soft cotton bra overnight and I could feel the energy working on the breast and then under my left arm. I did this for two or three nights. (I did not notice anything happen when I used it on my right breast.) The lump is now gone and I do not notice anything when I use the glyphs again. For those who have Book II I suggest that women might use this on their breasts for a general health measure. This glyph can be very useful in resolving early malignancies; however, for your friends who have been through numerous bouts of chemo and radiation, I find it is best to let people make their own choices. Some are often resistant to try anything new and far removed from what they have been told. There is nothing to lose by using it on other parts of the body as well as a general clearing. I suggest men use this glyph on their sacral chakra for their prostate.

Glyph 69 - Malignant Growths (Book-2).