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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Eating Meat - vegetarian

Dr Jean

I channel and received a message in Oct 09 before a speaking engagement at a local church. I was told to tell people how to prepare for 2012 by removing soul density. When I asked how we do that, I was told:

 “Do not eat dead animals…. Man does not require meat according to .. creation. This has been indoctrinated and drilled into the minds of humans by beings of less than Light in order to control them. The eating of animal flesh keeps humans in the state of bondage due to ingestion of fear and blood. Blood consumption keeps humans in a lower chakra level existence and will continue to do so. In order to achieve Ascension (move into the forth dimension) with ease and grace, consider cleansing your bodies of the remains of animal flesh. Retrain yourselves. Your belief systems can be changed if you desire to do so. Your belief about the need for animal protein and associated amino acids has been given by those who are trying to control you and they have been succeeding. Human beings are capable of converting anything they eat to what their body needs."

"Go to the place where the animals are slaughtered. Look into the eyes of the animal. Place your hands against him and feel the fear. Watch while the animal is put to death and what happens after. Ask yourself this question: ‘Is this love?’”

I receive the following message on 27 March 2011.  " Meat keeps people in a lower chakra level.... Animals must die for people to eat meat, therefore, this cannot be allowed to continue."

We need to realize that our nutritional guidance has been coming from the American Medical Association (AMA).  This organization was started and continues to be run to make money and control the people by those who do not have our best interests at heart.  Information received from this group is totally fabricated.  For the complete channelling see Channeled Messages.  Preparing for 2012.