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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Dr Jean – Reading from Judith Moore – 2004

Dr Jean

(This is a reading for Jean Logan by Judith Moore - 2004 Author of "Crop Circles Revealed")

There is a new language of Light that is to come on to the planet. It is an organization of Light particles that is encoded in the vibrations you are bringing through your glyphs. Your glyphs are emanating frequencies into the Light fields of the planet. You are a being from the higher realms. You have entered the earth body from the source of the masters and you carry the master code. The master code is what has guided you and the master code is what directs you now. The filaments of light particles in our atmosphere have reached a more pure frequency. The filaments of Light particles prism energy through them to allow us to perceive reality. Throughout the history of humanity on this planet you have been present during peaks of enlightened consciousness. You are of the House of the Masters. When you were sent to earth, the temple of the masters was sent to earth for you to create the language of the masters here on earth. These masters are the masters of Divine Light. The master code is a light frequency field that practically permits a wider spectrum of color to enter the prismatic energy fields of the planetary atmosphere and be organized in a way that the beings that perceive that light can organize and interpret it as apparent reality. At times when the planet has plummeted into darkness, fear and chaos, there has needed to be a constant field of energy that in its constancy permits acceleration of the light particles when consciousness is about ready to take that quantum leap. Those constant light particles are organized in a way that permits the next renaissance of consciousness because when the next renaissance of consciousness is almost ready, you and others like you come in with the master code to facilitate the organization of light so that there is an availability for a broader spectrum of vibrational energy on the planet that facilities leaps in consciousness and renaissance…….. During the renaissance the carriers of the master code would come before the renaissance and stimulate the light fields so that they would begin to open to a wider spectrum, a wider prismatic ray. The language that you are bringing right now is a language that will organize the atmospheric particles to facilitate an expansion of the prismatic fields, and the expansion of the way we use light. There is the language of light and the organization of the utilization of light…..

You have everything to do with facilitating human consciousness in being able to utilize these light fields because you carry the master code. I am being guided to journey to the realm of the masters together………...

As you are opening up I am seeing an image of the Peruvian mountains. I am seeing star brothers. UFOs come through a stargate into the mountain. I am seeing you as a Peruvian Indian and as you are carrying a staff and climbing the mountain, you see these starships as balls of Light that go through into the mountain. You climb the mountain and stand in front of the gateway where the starships went into the mountain in Peru. From the gateway came a beam of light, almost like a lasers… opening up your master code, code of Light and you are activated in that life time as a light bearer. You came down from the mountain and assisted in building Machu Picchu. In Machu Picchu you placed lenses that would receive the sun rays that would refract the light. Your guides are telling me to go back to that portal in Peru. ……..

She went through the pineal gland portal at the anterior lobe of her pineal gland back to Machu Picchu and to ascending the mountain top where she saw light ships going through a portal and a beam of light came out and struck her and she was pulled in through the portal and when she went in she experienced beings so brilliant that normal eyes could not see them. Go back and connect to being inside that mountain and being with the light bearers. I see you there being taken to an ancient stone, and that stone has the language that you are bringing in with these glyphs and you sit before the stone, a tablet, and I see you sit before the tablet and you send a beam of light from your third eye to each of the glyphs that are on the tablet. And as you do that you are downloaded from the tablet, the glyph comes in through your third eye and into your pineal gland and then it is downloaded into your energy field, your energy body. I am seeing the light beings stand around you and tone and chant a very high pitched chant. When you are finished with one tablet, and these tablets are about three or four feet high and there are nine ancient tablets of the Peruvian Light bearers. I am being told these are the tablets of Pacal Votan. As you are in this mystical cavern, in this mystical realm, you are connecting to the light beings that carry the soul codes that you carry for illuminating the light frequencies and assisting humanity in the leap of consciousness. It is beyond humanity; basically it is about accelerating the light fields so that a new creation may be projected through the holographic fields rather than staying entrained with old behaviors and thought forms and attitudes that no longer serve the highest good. Now as we have connected on the other plane of consciousness, I want you to see a beam of light come from that plane of consciousness back through the portal of the anterior lobe of your pineal gland and into your pineal gland, into your body as you are an embodiment of your divine soul presence, and now see it projected from you to project these codes into your physical body so that you receive these ancient encodements from the tablets in South American by Machu Picchu.

You have in many lifetimes carried the light of hope and illuminated the darkness. Never underestimate the power of the hope that you carry or the power of your Light once it is given permission to act and work in your life for the unfolding of your divine purpose. Now receive that on a cellular level and instruct your neurons to make it usable information because you brought your master codes back from the mystical time when it was activated in your life in Peru and as you brought that beam of light from that dimension into your body now as you projected the master codes, you want to instruct your nervous system to utilize that energy, make it not just something that is in another dimension but something that facilitates your divine purpose and the work that you are to do here in this dimension. Where ever your physical genetic lineage comes from you are in a lineage of the light bearers that came to earth and mated with human beings. You have extraterrestrial DNA. The light bearers came to seed their DNA here.

When I looked at your DNA I saw a filament of light in your DNA that most people do not have. So that is connected with this ability. That filament of light is connected with this ability to bring through that light language. When you can conceive that the glyphs don’t just work on the DNA, the DNA projects information based on its ability to receive and project light. When you think of it in terms of a holographic field, then you can understand that the glyphs that you are bringing in actually help bring high vibration light fields. The light fields helps resolve the dense energy that is light starved.

Message from the Mayan Oracle.