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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

See Yourself As Perfect

Dr Jean

Recent channeled messages: (See yourself) as perfect and you will be. It is the vision of lack that causes...problems.  When you see yourself as less than perfect, that makes it so...Let go of the belief that you are limited in any way...You can resolve all physical problems if you believe in your power to make it so. You are Divine. You have the power to do anything you choose. Believe in this and it will happen.

Keep your diet clear of any poisonous substance. Bless your food.  This can make a tremendous difference.  You have the power to transmute any chemical agent with your mind, however, this must be consistent and thorough.  The mind is a powerful thing.  Right now it is under  the control of others who use you to their advantage.  You need to let go of the belief that you are limited in any way.  You could fly if you wanted to.  Stop negating your power and it will happen....Try moving things with your mind.  You can do this with ease if you let go of the belief that you cannot. 

Do not project the outcome of anything in a negative way. 

See yourself as abundant.  All the money you need is there for you. 

Basically people need to see themselves as well.  People are being brainwashed into sickness.  What they read and hear weakens the immune system.  Fear is the main emotional cause.  Fear is the most devastating emotion and blocks the immune system.  There is no immune system when fear is in control.