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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Clean Up Your Clutter

Dr Jean

(In channeled messages, “you” or “your” is always plural.)

29 March 2010

"Tell people that they need to let go of everything that does not serve them.  Release attachment to material things that weigh them down like collections of memorabilia, old clothes, documents that are no longer needed...  All things that prevent them from moving forward.  If they are living in clutter, it weighs them down and keeps them from moving forward.  Keep only what serves them now."

3 February 2010

"Consider giving some attention to recycling some of your things.  You have too much stuff in your closets.  Get rid of some of it.  Clothes especially.  Get out of the (habit of) collecting old stuff that has no use to it."

2 April 2010

"Throw away everything you do not need.  All rooms need clearing.  Discard old pictures.  Don't hang on to anything you do not need.  Throw away old towels that are not needed.  Place an ad for major items if you wish but don't hang on to them...Also put your clothes away every day.  Don't leave stuff lying around."