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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Save the Hemlock Trees

Dr Jean

After having such great success with creating glyphs to remove sickness and emotional burdens, I realized it could work with diseases on plants. I had a plant that had scale insect disease. Scale is like a barnacle on a plant. It looks like a small turtle shell. I asked at the nursery and they said “Throw the plant away.” I decided to create a glyph that would transition the scale. Within six weeks of putting the glyph on the plant, all of the scale was dead. This is The picture of the glyph I created to remove scale (left image).

I realized that the same thing could be done to transition the insects (woolly adelgid) that are killing the hemlock trees. The one difficulty I encountered was the size of the hemlock tree compared to the potted plant with the scale. Another difficulty I encountered was the time it took to recognize if the glyph for the hemlock was working. I was advised by Spirit to put the glyph on a picture of the tree. I did this but after some time I realized it did not seem to be working very well.

I remembered something someone had told me about the effect of transmitting energy from a picture was more effective when taken with the old film type camera. I purchased some film for an old camera I had and took pictures of some of the hemlock trees. The progress of the disease seemed to stop right after I put the glyphs on the pictures. Trees that are badly diseased are still alive although all their foliage has not returned very much. After obtaining more spiritual advice, I put the name of God in Hebrew on the glyph and empowered the glyphs again telling it to send the energy out indefinitely. I have no doubt this glyph can completely eliminate this disease but I want others to find out for themselves.

Click on the this link and print out the second page of glyphs. Have the glyphs laminated or protect it in some way from the weather. Place the laminated glyph outside your door directed at the trees. If you desire you can hang them or attach them to the tree. Please let me know what results you get.