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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

healing glyphs - a newsletter from holy ground farm

Dr Jean

“healing glyph notes”


For years I wondered “Why am I here?” I knew I must have a reason to be on this earth but I had no idea what it was. I was depressed and overwhelmed with a multitude of fears. The healing glyphs I was guided to create helped me overcome the depths of my despair and remove the layers that were holding me back. The more I used these glyphs, the more I opened up to the Divine spirit than I am. You are also Divine and powerful beings and I encourge you to continue to use these tools or any other tools you have found and uncover the masters that you are. If you feel you have already achieved this status, I encourage you to pass your glyph book along to someone else who might find it useful. I am putting out this newsletter to provide encouragement and information. Let me hear from you to share your stories. Many blessings to you.

Jean Logan

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Unlocking the Power of Glyphs


Sacred Symbols of Light