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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Healing Glyphs: Fear (Glyph 5)

Dr Jean

“healing notes”

Fear (Glyph 5)

Fear is such a major challenge for many people so there are three glyphs in the book to remove different levels and circumstances surrounding fear. The following is the programming for Glyph 5: Transition to Light any imprinting or patterns...... of fear, terror and horror stored anywhere in the body, in the genes, cellular memory or DNA. Remove fear of failure, fear of ridicule.... Instill the frequencies of love, confidence and joy, “The Universe loves and supports me,” “I am at peace,” “I am unlimited,” restoring the body and etheric field to its natural state, which is love. Transition to Light any frequencies that are not in harmony with the original blueprint. Correct malfunctions caused by fear, terror and horror. Collapse any soul programs that are no longer needed. Resolve any lingering bacterial, viral or detrimental programs to allow for expansion and growth. Remove any disembodied spirits. Incorporate all intrinsic cellular systems to adjust to new frequencies. Establish a self renewing protective shield around the individual. Call upon the violet flame to assist user in positive transformation.

Dr. Jean

Glyph 5

The above information is an addendum to the books

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs


Sacred Symbols of Light