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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Balanced Healing Diet


The first thing we need to do is stop believing everything we read and hear. Above all BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN DIVINITY! Know that your body has the ability to take nourishing food and convert it to what it needs. Trying to analyze where we get this vitamin or that mineral, etc. is really a form of worrying. Although some authors may be well meaning, most articles or books that are published about nutrition are a regurgitation of misinformation and sometimes outright lies that have been fed to us for monetary reasons. Picture yourself in a remote island or village living with a group of other people who have no access to outside information. They eat fruit, nuts, greens and roots of what is available and they thrive with glowing health that far exceeds what we have in this country. Your body does not examine each type of food looking for protein or carbohydrates. It looks instead first for that food which is alive, full of the life force, nutrients and oxygen. It also looks for the vibration of color, lots of greens, yellow, purple and orange. The body then takes what it is given and converts it to what it needs. We often program our minds to worry about whether our body is getting enough of the right food causing us undo stress. The most important thing is to believe that you have the power to take what is given and convert it to what you need.

Once you pass the organic produce section of the grocery store there is little else of value. Seek out local growers who raise food in a natural way. I will not use the word organic because this has turned in to a money making term. Small local growers cannot afford to pay the price for this label. If you are open to eggs and milk, only get eggs from farmers who have true free range. Do not believe the words Free Range on cartons in the grocery store. For children, get raw organic goat milk. This may sound impossible but using the power of intention you will find what you need. Even when I was living in the Atlanta area, I managed to find a person who raised goats only a few miles from town. I then made my own yogurt and kefir.

Even if it is just a bowl of rice and beans, be grateful. Bess your food and honor it. This is VERY important. Know that you are always provided for.