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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Locating the Chakras

Dr Jean

The following post is from Jean Logan's book "

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs


Chakras are the major energy centers of your body. These drawings are provided to help you locate these chakras. If you put your hand on top of your head you will feel a warm spot. (This may be more difficult to locate if you are bald.) There is a slightly warm spot at the location of each of the other chakras that is easier to notice through a bulky material. If you are still unsure that you have the right location, cut a group of four of the glyphs to insure coverage of the right chakra.

Animals also have chakras which can be located by a warm spot through their hair or fur. It is easier to locate and position a glyph on the back side of the animal. This is best done when they are sleeping. The drawing of a dog (below) is provided to show the location of the backside chakras. The front or underside will be directly opposite. The chakras on a cat are in the same location as they are on a dog. Concentrate on the pet or a picture of the pet when dowsing.