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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.


Dr Jean

Aging is a lie we bought into. We have been programmed by the media, the government, and the medical establishment to believe that we should start shriveling up and falling apart when we see ourselves as advancing in years and we have fallen for this lie. What is on our birth certificate are meaningless numbers unless you are applying for Social Security or are getting a drivers license. We all have the power of God and what we think and believe controls our reality. There is a symbol in the healing manual "Sacred Symbols of Light" (Glyph #21 - Pituitary, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Pineal) that can remove the death hormone if you are willing to choose life and rejuvenation.

All profits go to help homeless children. Available at or Amazon.

Glyph 21

Pituitary, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Pineal

Sacred Symbols of Light