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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Glaucoma ... Pressure Back to Normal

Dr Jean

Dear Dr. Jean,

I've been using the glyphs for the eyes and noted that the book suggested a specific place on the back of the head for glaucoma. I had my eye appointment today. My pressure is normally between 21 and 23, which the doctor doesn't like.

Well, after using the affirmation in the book and wearing the eye glyphs (Glyph 34 - Clear Vision) both on my third eye and back of the head near the neck, and also placing Glyph 6 (Anger - Resentment – Frustration – Hate - Rage) and Glyph 14 (Relief from Tension and Anxiety) on my heart chakra to try to release whatever is causing the eye pressure and my extreme upset over the eye appointment itself, my pressure reading today was 16 in both eyes which is normal.

I'm so glad I caught your radio interview and got these books. They empower me!

Thank you again!



Glyph  6 ... Anger - Resentment – Frustration – Hate - Rage

Glyph 14 ... Relief from Tension and Anxiety

Glyph 34 ... Clear Vision

Glyph 6

Glyph 14

Sacred Symbols of Light

Glyph 34