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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

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Dr Jean

Aging is a lie we bought into. We have been programmed by the media, the government, and the medical establishment to believe that we should start shriveling up and falling apart when we see ourselves as advancing in years and we have fallen for this lie. What is on our birth certificate are meaningless numbers unless you are applying for Social Security or are getting a drivers license. We all have the power of God and what we think and believe controls our reality. There is a symbol in the healing manual "Sacred Symbols of Light" (Glyph #21 - Pituitary, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Pineal) that can remove the death hormone if you are willing to choose life and rejuvenation.

All profits go to help homeless children. Available at or Amazon.

Glyph 21

Pituitary, Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Pineal

Sacred Symbols of Light

Healing Dementia – Naturally

Dr Jean

My mother at 90 years

My mother was an amazing woman. She was a conservationist, an environmentalist, a naturalist, and authority on foraging for wild foods. She didn’t have any letters after her name but she knew more than many who do. She was a compassionate person who nursed many a wild animal back to health. She died at the age of 92 and lived a good life up to the last three or four years. Her mind started to slip so I took her to a Chinese medical doctor who said it was dementia caused by the hardening of the arteries to the brain. They prescribed herbs but since she was not with me much of the time there was no opportunity to follow through with this treatment. Her other caretaker in our family insisted it was Alzheimer’s. The Standard American Diet (SAD) heavy in animal protein, processed nutrient deficient foods, and excessive sugar takes its toll.


Since that time a number of years ago I have been guided to create healing symbols that have proven to be effective for a multitude of physical symptoms as well as healing the cause of illness for many. A good example is my dog Roscoe, a mixed hound who is approximately 15 years old. A few months ago it appeared he was losing his mental faculties. He had a blank look on his face and failed to respond to what I said to him. He also started having a problem with defecating in the house which he had never done before. He appeared to not know where he was. Using a teddy bear as a surrogate I put a glyph for detoxification on the crown chakra along with a glyph to heal neurological problems and intended the energy go to Roscoe. A couple days later I added a glyph to heal the damaged brain. I started seeing some improvement in a couple days and considerable improvement within a couple weeks. He is now alert and responsive. The defecation in the house has completely stopped.

I have received numerous testimonials that can be found on our website at There is no reason dementia has to ruin the life of your loved one if you are willing to try something totally new without judgment. There is also a glyph (symbol) that can be placed on the back of the neck to help clear the arteries of plaque. These symbols can be found in the manual Unlocking the Power of Glyphs and Sacred Symbols of Light.” These are available through our website or at

Remote Healing Works


Teddy Bear Healing - Last Tuesday after my dog Jessie was only out a few minutes, she came in holding her left front paw up. When she tried to step on it, she was obviously in great pain and it was starting to swell. She looked at me pleadingly to help her. I gave her one tablet of traumeel for the pain. I used Glyph #73, Tissue and Bone Repair remotely (from "Unlocking the Power of Glyphs") and tried gently to put a cloth bandage imprinted with the frequency of Glyph #70 lightly around her leg. She kept moving and taking it off. I then gave her 2 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy and 8 drops of Valerian. She finally settled down under my desk. I put the bandage on a Teddy Bear and INTENDED the frequency be transferred to Jessie. She slept well all night. The next morning she was still in some pain and I had to help her down the stairs supporting her with a harness. She went out to go potty then came in and slept all day. About 3:00 pm she got up and was walking normally. After dinner she went for a walk with Roscoe and was even trotting down the hill with us. Remote healing works! Was it a sprain, an insect bite or what??? I will never know!