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Author, Healer, Nutritionalist and Professional Speaker.

Why the Glyphs Work for Some People and Not Others

Jean Logan

I have received a multitude of testimonials on amazing results from the glyphs. But now and then someone writes that they feel a glyph is not working for them. There are many things impacting the success or failure in the use of glyphs. The first thing to note is that the glyphs work very well on animals. The reason for this is that animals have no judgments, expectations, doubts or skepticism. The presence of any of these feelings put out a series of frequencies that can impede the energy from the glyph. Attitude is very important. The glyphs are ALWAYS putting out energy that will do what they are programmed to do given the opportunity. Sometimes they can work quickly. Emotions and nerves can heal rapidly, but tissue and bones can take longer. The length of time the person has had a physical issue and the severity of the problem may be a factor although strong enough belief in the person’s own power can be very helpful.

In some cases people are trying to resolve an illness without addressing the emotional cause. In effect they are just treating symptoms and cannot get lasting results. Another factor is the path of the individual. The glyphs cannot resolve an issue that the person has agreed to for their experience here on earth. Relax and let go of any expectations for judgement for the best experience.