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Dr. Jean Logan - In Memory of Robin

In Memory of Robin

On October 18, 2009, after many years of struggling with depression, alcoholism and declining health, my former husband, Robin Carlson, took his own life at the age of 71. We are all saddened that he could not find peace in this life but we also know that we cannot judge or understand the anguish that others go through on their path. I asked Source what I could do to help him and was given direction to create this glyph. I want to share this with others as I know there are many lost souls in need of help.

If you know of anyone who has suffered a violent or tragic death, print this glyph, cut it out around the outside of the black circle and place it face down on a picture and/or the full name of the person. Recite the following prayer of intention or create a prayer of your own. 

“I pray that this person (Name) will be guided in the Light. I intend that the instructions of this glyph will be carried out for the highest good of this soul. So be it.” 

This is what the spiritual programming of the glyph will do.

  • Free this soul of torment.
  • Establish a connective link for this soul to receive Light within and around their present space.
  • Give the soul rest and reassurance.
  • Cleanse it of the various afflictions or attachments that keep it in a cycle that holds it back from achieving its highest purpose.
  • Free the soul of guilt that prevents it from moving forward.
  • Hold it in a space of love.
  • Give it peace and understanding and freedom to accelerate its position.
  • Delegate a celestial team of Light beings to assist this soul in a selection of choices in moving forward in order to achieve its highest purpose.
  • Cleanse the Earth of any negative energy caused by the actions or death of this person.
Glyph 80 - Soul Rescue   (Print this page and cut the glyph image out around the square black box.)

Glyph 80 - Soul Rescue
(Print this page and cut the glyph image out around the square black box.)