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Healing Glyphs - Testimonials

Healing Glyph Testimonials and Reviews

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01 - Shooting Pain and Muscle Soreness Relieved and More

I was experiencing shooting pain and severe soreness in my left upper back and shoulder. I didn't do anything for a few days until I couldn't stand it anymore because I couldn't sleep. I cut 2 squares of the the muscle restoration glyph (Glyph 41 (Book 2) and taped 2 of them on my left shoulder and left upper back where I felt soreness. 

On the 1st day, the pain level went down and on the second day, there was hardly anymore pain, specifically no more shooting pain. Thanks again Jean for creating these glyphs. I use them everyday now and feel the difference when I don't work with them. 

I feel much lighter when I do.

Testimonial (2015/03)  - Noni Gonzales   (Los Angeles, CA )S

02 - The Trilogy Begins here...

Unlocking the Power of Glyph - the first of a three book series (Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, Sacred Symbols of Light, and Symbols of the Dawn.) is well worth reading. 

The "Bacterial or Viral Infection" Glyph (Glyph-34/Book-1) is probable one of the most powerful of the three books. I have used this glyph on numerous occasions with incredible results. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to heal themselves. 

The Universe has blessed us with Dr. Jean and her books.

Testimonial (2015/03)  - del   (Iquitos, Peru )

03 - A Stream of Light...

"Hello Dr. Jean, 

I purchased your package from Acoustic Health several days ago. I have been sleeping with a glyph for the past several nights taped to my body in various areas. When removing the glyphs from my body and then attempting to separate the glyph from the tape I noticed a stream of light coming from each one...My husband also witnesses this phenomenon as well. 

Thank you so much for your work in helping the planet."

Testimonial (2015/03)  - Laurie Pusateri   (USA )

04 - Eye Glyph Healed Redness and inflammation

"I noticed when I woke up one day, that my left eye was red and swollen. So I decided to use the eye glyph (Glyph 34 - Clear Vision) and see if it would heal my left eye. I taped it over my eye and slept like that. I had the glyph over my eye for 1-2 days and my left eye was back to normal in about 3 days, without seeing the doctor. I did also use the Similasan eye drops on my eye during these 3 days but I doubt if the eye drops alone would have healed the redness and swelling so quickly."

Testimonial (2015/02)  - Noni Gonzales   (USA )

05 - Gallbladder Problems

"I have had long term chronic back pain and sciatica, and for the past year and a half some horrible frightening zapping feelings going on in my arms and hands. I am told it is due to pinched nerves in my upper back. Chiropractic adjustments have not really helped for more than a day or so, but I can say with confidence that since I started using the glyphs for resolving nerve damage and vertebrae support, I have experienced at least a 70% reduction in pain and hip instability, and at least an 85% reduction in the zapping feelings. I spend much less time laying down, and have resumed some "normal" activities and even some minor housecleaning. I am so very thankful that you had Jean on the first Online Healing Retreat - as I had started to lose hope that my body would ever function normally again. (And yes, I used all the emotional healing glyphs first before I started doing the detox glyphs, and then the structural related glyphs.) I will be keeping on with the nerve damage and vertebrae support glyphs, and will add others over time. (In the beginning I could only use them for about 15 minutes, but can now leave them on all day.) Bless you Jean for bringing the glyphs into being"

Testimonial (2014/11)  - Evelyn Brown   (Canada )

06 - Man gets Relief from Pain

"I have a friend in northern Virginia who is very overweight and needs hip surgery but they won’t do it because of his weight and he was suffering from a lot of pain to walk. I sent him a glyph (Glyph 73 - Cellular Repair) and he could not believe the relief it gave him."

Testimonial (2014/11)  - Sakara   (USA )

07 - Gallbladder Problems

"For a few weeks I had been noticing some discomfort in my gallbladder area, which I ignored. Recently the discomfort became more intense. I was determined no doctor would be cutting me open to remove my gallbladder. I used a glyph (Glyph 32 - Stomach, Liver, and Gallbladder) from "Sacred Symbols of Light" programmed to dissolve stones in the gallbladder and promote healing. I placed a row of these glyphs under my rib cage on the right side along with a row of glyphs to transition bacteria (Glyph 10 - Bacterial or Viral Infection). For good measure I added a row of glyphs (Glyph 69 - Malignant Growths) to resolve any malignancy. I felt a strong reaction to all of these but was able to sleep through the night. The next morning I felt about 80% better. I continued to use these glyphs omitting the malignancy one after a couple of days. It is now a week later and I noticed at least a 95% improvement. As dissolving the stones may take some time I will continue to use the gallbladder glyph."

Testimonial (2014/11)  - JCL   (USA )

08 - Hot Popcorn and Legs Don't Mix

"The other day I had a really strong desire for some popcorn. I got out my trusty heavy kettle and proceeded to make a big pot of popcorn. I quickly poured on some melted butter and several big dashes of sea salt. I carried the pot outside where I had been sitting with my shorts on trying to catch a little sun. Without thinking I rested the hot kettle on my bare leg. Yowww!! I really seared my skin. I quickly smeared on some aloe which I followed with Glyph #73, Tissue Healing. I then proceeded to eat my popcorn and went about my daily activities. After I put the glyph on I did not feel any pain. The next day before taking my shower I removed the tape and glyph. Although the surface skin had a brown scorched look, there was no sign of any other damage, no redness and no pain. This would have easily been a second degree burn with a huge blister.The aloe and the glyph saved the day. I am so grateful for these wonderful glyphs."

Testimonial (2014/09)  - JC   (USA )

09 - Severe Panic Attacks

"I have severe panic attacks and the healing glyphs have helped me. I really think they are amazing and I appreciate what you do."

Testimonial (2014/09)  - Marisa   (Canada )

10 - Finding Romance with the Help of Glyphs

"Janet had known Joe for many years and wanted to date him. She sensed that Joe liked her but it never went any further. Joe told Janet that he still loved his ex-wife although they were divorced for 10 years. Janet had the idea of trying glyphs to help Joe let go of this. She asked permission of his soul through the use of dowsing and got a clear, Yes. She took his business card and placed Glyph 18, Heartache, on the card to heal Joe's torn spiritual chord. She then added a copy of Glyph 75, Restore Light Imbalances, to remove chakra linking that was not for Joe's highest good. To this she added Glyph 50, Reaching Out, which would work on removing emotional issues that Joe was carrying. She placed her intention on what these glyphs should do for Joe. A few days later Joe asked Janet for a date."

Testimonial (2014/08)  - Janet   (USA )

11 - Excellent Healing Book

"I heard Jean on a telesummit call a few weeks ago. I bought her package which consisted of a couple of her books and a few other things. I downloaded this book and began looking at all of the glyphs. I emailed her a few minutes later asking her for her guidance as to which to do first. I had a list of 11 ailments. About 10 minutes later Jean emailed me back telling me to use the Unlocking the Power of the Glyphs book first. She told me to use the emotional glyphs. All of my physical stuff came from emotional resistance and blocks. I thanked her and after 5 minutes, I got another email advising me to use the Entity Removal Glyph first and Jean said right away. She must have been dowsing on my behalf to help me. As I was cutting the glyph sheet, my cat ran over to me and sniffed the page like it was catnip. I put one on my solar plexus and another on my navel. Within 30 seconds I could feel things move inside of me. My head felt like it was heavy on one side. It stayed like that for a few minutes. My throat was throbbing. My stomach was doing flips. I couldn't believe all of the energy that was shifting. It was pretty incredible. It wasn't scary, let me just make that clear. I was just observing the energy in a very curious way. It did eventually stop. I have been wearing them consistently for a week now. I feel a little better every day. It's not like it was a Boom and my life suddenly got 100% better. Jean even said that the glyphs heal in the length of time that they will. It could be a minute or a month. I have also added the fear glyph and a few others. I wear them on my third eye, my heart chakra, solar plexus and navel, but only when I sleep. I did have a sinus headache the other day and I put the headache glyph on my third eye. I didn't feel anything. After a half an hour, my headache didn't budge. So I remembered that Jean said that there's always an emotional link to every physical pain we have. My headaches feel like pressure. Specifically pressure to be perfect. Not being perfect creates fear. So I added the fear glyph to the headache one and literally within another half hour the headache lifted. Pretty amazing stuff. Don't be disappointed if you don't feel anything. You may not. I probably could use 65% of the glyphs. But I'm trying to just take my time and use specific ones that I feel like I need to heal and clear first."

Review ( 2014/07  - Judy Pudy  (USA )

12 - Glyph Heals Dog's Illness

"On Saturday night our little Yorkeepoo, Belle, was sitting on the floor acting very strange. I picked her up and she was drooling excessively. The water was just running out of her mouth, her nose was warm, her eyes were glazed and she was disoriented, walking around in circles. Since it was Saturday night we could not take her to the vet. We had just purchased Jean Logan’s book of glyphs a few days earlier and saw it sitting right near by so I (Beverly) cut out three of the Anti-Bacterial glyphs and following the drawing in the book, put one on her crown chakra, one on the back of her neck and one on the back of her solar plexus. We said the prayer together and affirmed our belief that she would be well. We could hardly hear her breathe and her heart beat felt very faint. I laid down in bed holding her. About 1:30 in the morning she jumped up acting very perky, her nose was cold and her eyes seem bright again. The next day she was completely back to normal. We are so grateful."

Testimonial - Beverly Allen and Raymond Braziel  (Franklin, NC - USA )

13 - Glyph Restores Man's Virility

I have just recently been introduced to Jean Logan's book, Unlocking the Power of Glyphs. Having never heard of this modality of healing before, I quickly scanned through the book checking out all the different purposes for which the glyphs can be used. One in particular really "jumped out" at me, which was titled Repair Damaged Nerves. I had felt for years that I had possibly done nerve damage due to past substance abuse, namely crystal methamphetamine and cocaine, the aftermath of which left me severely unable to focus, and it took a couple years and much energy work to come out of anxiety mode. I worried about almost everything and generally had trouble just keeping on top of my game in life. 

I put the glyph above my eyebrows, which is the third eye chakra, read the affirmation for this glyph and laid back for about 15 minutes. I could feel lots of intense energy as if a loving hand was holding the glyph down. After about 15 minutes I got up as it was the middle of the day and I had an on-line class to attend. I immediately was aware that I had energy but it was a calm, focused energy which I rarely had felt before trying the glyph. I found that I was alert but calm throughout the class, and then this feeling maintained until I went to bed. 

I slept very well that night and was completely relaxed. The next morning I woke up feeling really good and well rested. I got up and looked at the clock thinking I had overslept. It was an hour earlier than I normally get up. I felt so good I stayed up! Then something happened that was totally unexpected, and I was not looking for this to happen. I got fiercely sexually aroused. I had not felt this way since pre-meth days, and I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I had killed my sex drive by using meth. It was back all the way. I felt like a 20-year-old again. When I did finally have an orgasm I felt it through every fiber of my being! And you know how they say, the proof is in the pudding, well, I rest my case. 

I have done what I consider to be a lot of spiritual and energy work. I consider the result I got from this first glyph that I used to be one of the most dramatic and powerful results of any modality thus tried. The glyphs do exactly what it says it does. I have used other glyphs and have had equally powerful if not more powerful results which I will also write about. 

To Jean, thank you for bringing this to our world when we need it most. You are truly an instrument of Thy peace.

Testimonial - Dave  (Miami, FL - USA

14 - Enjoy the Energy from your Book

Jean, thank you for your book! I personally use it while reading something else by putting my hands on it in my lap while the book I’m reading is on my desk. I also hold it in my lap while meditating. I suggest to my clients to hold their hands on a particular page while waiting. I either select a particular page or have them close their eyes and select one at random. 

I have really enjoyed the energy that I feel from each glyph that I select or selects me? 

Yours in Awe-Mazement & Gratitude

Testimonial - Walt Rodenberger  (Marietta, GA - USA )

15 - Dog no Longer Afraid of Thunder

I know that the energy that creates worlds can also be used for healing with the animal kingdom which is so lovingly part of our universal energy. I have used glyphs on myself and have had amazing, powerful results, so I decided to try them on my parents' dog, Ginger, who is a rather large mixed breed, but a real wuss during a thunderstorm. She would normally not leave my side during a storm and would tremble even while petting. I used the glyph for fear, taping it to her forehead. Not only did she stop shaking, she went happily around the house, and I actually had forgotten about her until later I noticed the glyph still taped to her forehead! I used another glyph on Ginger when my parents went away for a long weekend. Ginger was beside herself with anguish and was whining profusely. I used the glyph for abandonment just to see if it would quiet her down. She was quiet for the rest of the night, and when I went upstairs where her sleeping area was, she was still sleeping with it next to her. ….it is so rewarding to see the miracle of healing working so consistently in the animal kingdom and to see the relief of pain that is possible with a little faith and a glyph.

Testimonial - Dave  (USA )

16 - Glyph Eliminates Eye Problem

"I had a terrible itching on the lower eyelid of my right eye. It was crying (tearing) and would not stop. We put some glyphs (Detoxification #4) on the front (shinbone) of my leg. In a few minutes the itching and crying stopped. I would like to study about this."

Testimonial - Patricia Marquez  (Cowee, NC - USA )

17 - Glyphs Open New Horizons for User

"Thank you sincerly Jean, these glyphs have removed fear, anxiety, toxins, opened up meridians, helped me realize my purpose and so much more. I am still working with them daily and I will keep you posted with my new healings. Thank you for the blessing. Love,"

Testimonial - Windy Kay  (USA )

18 - It's Fun to use your Glyphs

"I've had so much experimenting with these glyphs! Thank you so much, Jean, for resurrecting the power of glyphs in such an approachable way! My 8 year old daughter and I can feel so much energy coming off of the glyphs -- it is beautiful! I have taken your advice on how to use them and also come up with some others -- so I have some in my shoes, some are taped to the backs of chairs at the kitchen table, between the mattresses, etc. It is fun and I am seeing some meaningful energetic shifts in our family. Love and blessings to you."

Testimonial - Jill Renee  (USA )

19 - Antibacterial Glyphs Eliminate Discomfort of Infection

"I recently tried the anti-bacterial because I had an infection (sweat glands) and had to take pretty strong antibiotics. I was recommended to drink 14 of them for 7 days (or just once a day if I experienced any side effects from the antibio). Yesterday was supposed to be just my third time to take meds. What I did instead was to lay my hands on the antibacterial glyphs for ten minutes after saying the affirmation. The swollen area has now shrunk considerably and it's not even painful anymore (!!)"

Testimonial - Nadine  (PHL )

20 - Glyphs Eliminate Dog from being Put to Sleep

My friend, Janice, was very distressed late one evening because her beloved dog, Abby, was in pain and unable to lie down, eat or do anything other than stand next to Janice and shake. She had decided to take her to the vet in the morning with the realization that Abby would likely have to be put to sleep as it appeared Abby had a kidney disease. There had been a previous occurrence with the vet letting Janice know that Abby would probably not make it if the problem persisted. I had Janice download the Healing Glyphs book and print Glyph 04-Detoxification. She gingerly placed a block of the glyphs on Abby and one under Abby after getting her to lie down (she appeared to be in pain so this had to be done very gently). Janice also put a few drops of Peace & Calming Essential oil blend on the pads of Abby's paws. 

After about an hour, Abby got up and went in the kitchen to drink water; her tail was up and perky again after being droopy and tucked under her body. When she woke up in the morning after a night with the glyphs, Abby returned to normal eating and drinking. She was fine and able to go out for a walk. That night I tested Abby using my pendulum and found there were parasites in the kidney area. Janice began working with the Parasite Glyph (Glyph 15), and amusingly, Abby began administering her own program as she would like on the glyph for a half an hour and then move to another spot. Soon she would return to the glyph, and this pattern persisted for the evening. Two weeks later, Abby is still fine, but the glyph is in her doggie bed still.

Testimonial - Sakara Kemilla  (USA )

21 - Cat's Bed Wetting Stopped with Glyphs

Margie's cat had been urinating on the bed, Margie's clothing and anything else the cat could find to wet on. This had been going on for several weeks and had become a serious problem. When we examined a photograph of the room, there appeared to be several non-physical presences in the room. By dowsing with a pendulum, we decided to place the Entity Glyph (Glyph 61) in each of the four corners of the room and one in the center of the room. The cat began playing a stalking game with the images on the Glyphs - pouncing on them, slapping at the image with her paw and then stalking backwards still keeping her eyes focused on the Glyph. It was quite comical to observe her. After four days of leaving the Glyphs on the floor, the cat had stopped urinating on the bedding and clothing. The presences are also no longer detectable in the photos, through dowsing, or by "intuitive sight." Thank goodness this cat and her owner will be able to remain roommates! Additionally, Margie is sleeping much better in the bedroom and says she feels generally better since the "treatment" on the room.

Testimonial - Sakara Kemilla  (USA )

22 - Power of the Abundance Glyph

When I dowse to see what glyph to use - which is the only way I choose glyphs - and I am told to wear the abundance glyph, marvelous events occur. New clients, new opportunities, and my husband got a raise and his company said that they weren't giving out raises this year again (it has been 3 years since anyone has received a raise.) We live totally in the mindset of abundance so that to my mind isn't an issue for us, but it has really been fun to have these new channels emerge. I have had a very profound "glyph moment" using the cellular repair glyph. I had a clearing of sadness and grief through the use of this glyph. I think that it is through the encoding of healing the affliction, that cleared this for me. I have been carrying this for ten years now, and I know it is gone. Thank you so much!

Testimonial - Barbara  (USA )

23 - How I found You and what I think of your Glyphs

Dear Sirs I got your contact through an e mail newsletter from Metaphysical (Cyndi Silva). I found your books wonderful and rich in wisdom, so I downloaded both. 

As an energy therapist I found a huge source of tools that fill some gaps of my actual protocols, mostly when serious emotional issues are present. I work with chakra phytoenergetics, meridian therapy (laser acupuncture) energy psichology, pranic healing and radionics. 

Your glyphs came as being sent by the heavens. I am sure that they will help me to bring balance and happiness to many people. And to myself as well. Thank you very much! Warm regards 

Testimonial - Amauri Schon  (Maputo - MOZ )

24 - A Tale of Two Cats

Namaste Dr Jean, 

I heard you call in on in-light radio in November and was immediately drawn to checking out your glyphs. I want to thank you so much for creating them and making them available, they are amazing! I have been working with them for a few weeks now and have had some very interesting and positive responses. We had just adopted a second rescue cat, he was horribly freaked out, and our resident kitty was really having a hard time with it all. I dowsed for both of them and got two or three glyphs for each of them, which i put under them at night. I couldn't believe the difference in one or two days. The new cat stopped being so afraid and really came out of himself, and our #1 suddenly accepted him and stopped snarling and acting depressed and listless. Even my skeptical partner was very impressed!! I continued on with the love frequency glyph (Glyph 46) with both of them for a couple more days, and lo and behold they are now friends and quite inseparable.  

However, i have a question for myself. Every time i dowse, i get at least 3 - 6 strong recommendations. Since you don't recommend using more than one at a time, I feel overwhelmed with having too many issues to deal with. The same ones come up over and over, so i try work with them, but lately new ones are showing up, and then i get overwhelmed with what to do. Can you recommend a better way to approach it and how often i should be doing 'readings' ? I am an experienced dowser and like to use this method unless you have another recommendation. 

Thanks so very much, and happy holidays to you!

Testimonial - Cait  (USA )

Dear Cait

Go ahead and try using more glyphs at a time. If you feel dizzy, back off a little. When one is moving energy it can make them a little woozy if they move too much too fast but the body will adjust to the use of the glyphs and more can be used. When I was going through my divorce I piled five of them on top of each other and put them on my heart chakra. It was a great help but I have been using them for some time so my body had no problem with them. One man told me that when he started using them he put four or five on the back of his heart chakra at bed time and when he woke up and tried to get out of bed he almost fell over. Let your body's reaction be your guide. You might even dowse for how many to use at one time.

Dr. Jean

25 - 89 Year Old with Heart Problems

Dear Dr. Jean, 

I love both your glyph books and have experienced dramatic results with my 89 year old father, who had heart problems. I taped the lung and heart glyphs to his chest and within two weeks, his heart problems normalized. 

(Previously, doctors were pushing to have him get a pacemaker.) 

Bless you for all the wonderful work you do. 

Wishing you all the best.

Testimonial - Deborah  (USA )

26 - A Most Innovative Book

"Jean Logan is brilliant. This is one of the most innovative books I have ever read with a totally new take on healing. Logan will no doubt continue to contribute fascinating books to the world."

Review ( - M. Cohen  (Portland, OR - USA )

27 - Delightful Book that has almost Unlimited Usefulness

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is a fascinating and uniquely practical collection of divinely inspired glyphs along with instructions for their many uses. The glyphs themselves are attractive and bright, and I don't just mean the pretty colors. Simply looking at some of these brings an immediate smile to my face; some others seem to induce a sense of calm.

How can a little drawing have that kind of effect? I can't claim to know the answer to that, but I do know that art has always affected people strongly. Moreover, glyphs, symbols, and sacred geometry have had a place in mysticism, healing, and even alchemy for as long as mankind has known how to make marks on surfaces, be they caves or papers.

More recently, Masaru Emoto discovered that thoughts and words can change the structure of water. Taking a cue from Emoto, I printed out the glyph for "Courage, Confidence and Joy" and left it under my water bottle overnight. The next morning, I found that the water had a much more beautiful taste, and for "some reason" the day went exceedingly well. I didn't need much courage that day, but the "joy" part sure came through, loud and clear.

This is a truly delightful book that has almost unlimited usefulness--and it's a joy just to look at the glyphs. I hope to see more from this author!

Review ( - Jeanne Garner  (Lexington, OK - USA )

28 - Amazing Book for those Seeking True Empowerment and Freedom

Truly an amazing book for people that are seeking true empowerment and freedom. We are shown in simple terms how to practice the Master's core teaching. "Look within..." I have used most of these glyphs and I can really feel the difference. The glyph that heals viruses and bacterial infections worked just like it said it would. No longer do we have to rely on others to heal ourselves."

Review ( - DL  (Iquitos, Peru )

29 - Unique Alternative Ideas Combined

According to the author, Jean Logan, Webster s Dictionary defines a glyph as a symbol that conveys information nonverbally. This book is a compilation of glyphs that the author felt led to design to help heal the world. Each glyph represents a prayer, energized by Source, to help people and animals. Intention combined with belief unleashes the power of the symbols. The manual provides thirty glyphs that offer help with everything from ancestral influences to restructuring DNA. There are glyphs for anger, resentment and frustration, and guilt, shame and embarrassment. Included are glyphs designed to rid the body of parasites, cellular repair and bites from insects. Each chapter describes the use of a glyph, followed by two pages of miniature symbols the reader can cut out, and a suggested affirmation. The book contains an in depth discussion on ways to use the symbols. Appendices contain charts for recommended use by problem and instructions in dowsing to determine which glyph is most needed. There is also an appendix that covers the locations of the chakras on humans and animals. AcuTapping as a healing modality to release negative emotions from the meridians is also discussed. The last appendices cover a disclaimer, suggested readings, and The Grand Invocation. When I dowsed for myself, I found that I needed the glyph for love frequency. As a healer and psychotherapist and mother of two I didn't have a problem agreeing with that, although the position suggested was not my heart, but the back of my head. I do spend a lot of time in my mind, so maybe that s why the head was the spot. When I checked for my cocker spaniel that got hit by a car and broke her pelvis, the recommended glyph was detoxification. The description says that regular use can detoxify the physical body and aura and that placing it on aching muscles can relieve pain. The site indicated by dowsing was the sacral chakra, which is close to her broken pelvis. I have only been working with the glyphs for a couple of days so I can't testify to their success yet, but intuitively the combination of modalities described here offers an innovative method of healing. I was delighted to see unique alternative ideas combined, some that I routinely use in my practice. 

Editorial Review ( - Marianne J. Hooker  (Arkansas - USA )

30 - Recommend this Book as an Addition to any Practitioners Toolkit

As a Spiritual Healing practitioner I use many healing tools in my practice. The book "Unlocking the Power of the Glyphs" is a valued addition to my collection. These tools have increased the healing potential for each client without increasing the amount of time invested in a healing session. This provides an overall increase in the level of satisfaction that I provide to my clients without increasing the session cost. A win-win situation for all! 

I would highly recommend this book as an addition to any practitioners toolkit or to anyone who wants to experience accelerated healing. The text is easy to read and the Appendixes provide additional reference material and charts. No experience necessary to use the tools! 

Thanks to Jean Logan for bringing this wealth of information to humanity. I am looking forward to the second book! 

Review ( - Debbie Winter  (Atlanta, GA - USA )

31 - I know Personally the Glyphs Really Work!

Jean Logan has probably spent years of research on natural healing powers, because it shows in her book. I know personally the Glyphs really work! Because the use of this book has really helped me and I feel has helped in my healing process! The book is a very fast read, and if you follow the easy instructions, it could help with many ailments. I have personally tried many of the Glyphs and followed the instruction and with time and practice - I have improved from being with stage II cancer to someone who is almost cancer free! Believe in alternate medication and try it. I don't think one person will be disappointed. I am sure it will work for you too! Highly recommend it! 

Review ( - Perry E. Foreman  (Tampa, FL - USA )

32 - Glyphs Aid in Healing Broken Wrist

Several months ago I broke my left wrist. Since I was in Peru when it happened, it was not set correctly. I have been back in Atlanta undergoing theraphy for the wrist for two months. The theraphy has not gone well. My doctor advised me that about 30% recovery was about the best I could expect. So I contacted my friend, Jean Logan, author of the powerful book, "Unlocking The Power Of Glyphs." She provided me with the glyph on bones, ligaments and cartilage. 

The first day my fingers tingled for the first time since the injury when I placed the glyph under my wrist -- as the author had instructed me. The next day both the fingers and wrist not only tingled, but I could feel energy coming from the wrist. As of today, just a week after I began using the bone glyph, I have much more flexibility in both the wrist and fingers of the damaged hand. I estimate that in just one week my recovery has grown to 50%. I feel confident that the damaged hand will continue to get better. The most spiritual person I have ever met, Jean Logan is a modern day healer. I strongly recommend "Unlocking The Power Of Glyphs." 

Review ( - Leon  (Atlants, GA - USA )

33 - Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is an Amazing Powerful Healing Tool

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is an amazing powerful healing tool. This is for anyone who wants to implement healing and shift energy in their life. The program is for people with no metaphysical background through advanced spiritual practitioners. I feel that Jean Logan's prayer glyphs are an incredible star language of light in a pictogram that activates healing and assists in ascension for ourselves and the planet. The glyphs are used to intone healing to your body, your family and relationships, your past, your life, your soul path and the planet. Jean Logan has combined the vibration of a healing glyph with incredible affirmations that will change your life. I highly recommend this book as a program that will change your life if you just give it a try! 

Review ( - Reverend Barb Ross  (Nashville, TN - USA )

34 - Amazing Results!

My first experience--I mean EXPERIENCE--was when unwrapping the amazon packaging material from my new book purchase and holding the book: It felt amazingly good and unlike any other book I ever touched. I sat myself in the sun, with a cup of tea, to explore this treasure. Page after page, touching the pages flatly with my entire hand, I was able to soak up the peaceful energy emanating from the glyphs. Subsequently, I slept with the book under my head for several nights. Since then, I have applied individual glyphs more strategically, for specific purposes, with excellent results. My latest experiment involves healing HALF of my pine trees which suffer hardship due to chemical trails sprayed by jets in the skies, by placing glyphs on photographs I made of the trees. On one side of my driveway, the trees now look much healthier, while those on the other side are meanwhile dead or so weak that every rainstorm breaks them down more. Currently, I am sleeping with two glyphs in combination, to help treat Lyme Disease. The first night, I was unable to sleep. During the second night, I realized the reason for the "disturbance": It seemed I had company in my bedroom by several prominent healers (spirit entitities). When I realized this, I relaxed and entrusted myself into their hands, and have been sleeping marvelously. I know I am on the road to recovery. 

My gratitude goes out to Jean for this incredible service of love and healing, and for channeling these powerful blessings contained in each of the symbols.

Review ( - Rev. L. Bauer-Freitag  (USA )

35 - Amazing Results!

I am a Shamanic Practitioner who was recently called upon to help a women suffering from a deep depression after receiving the news that life-threatening cancer had returned. She was in a great deal of physical pain and feeling tremendous anxiety, not sure if she should pray to be healed or to die. A friend and I combined shamanic training with the use of three glyphs that seemed most appropriate for the situation. We set the intention that the Divine love and affirmation in each glyph be placed in her heart and expand in whatever way was in the highest good of this person and All That Is. 

Only a few hours later she called to say she had an emotional and spiritual breakthrough. She awakened from a nap feeling revitalized. Her depression and exhaustion seemed to have vanished. her spiritual connection felt stronger than ever. She knew that she wanted a complete recovery so that she could have many happy and healthy years ahead. 

We will continue to work with her, knowing that the glyphs from Jean Logan, and her renewed positive outlook will go a long way in manifesting her successful future. 

Thank you Dr. Jean for sharing these amazing glyphs sent from the Divine. We are forever grateful. 

Review ( - Carol H  (USA )

36 - Torn Rotator Cuff Healed

I have been blessed by God after using your healing glyphs for a number of ailments. In particular, I used the Cellular Repair glyph (71) to treat my rotator cuff injury… I injured my rotator cuff while lifting two really heavy boxes of paper at work. After a bit of research, I determined that ligaments and tendons, in general, were related to the root chakra. So, I actually used the Cellular Repair near my root chakra, at the base of my spine. Since the root chakra governs physical energies, and mine were nearing complete depletion from working 12+ hour days - sometimes 6 days a week, I believe that my rotator cuff injury was a warning that I was over-doing it; but it also gave me an opportunity to regain some much-needed balance in my life. In order to recover, I was advised to stay at home and rest, which ended up being about six-weeks; but even after my doctor released me to return to work, I still had pain and I did not have my full range of motion in the affected area. And then it occurred to me, after a particularly dissatisfying physical therapy session in which I performed most of my exercises without any supervision that I should use the Cellular Repair glyph: After treating it overnight, the pain was gone and my full range of motion had returned. It was so miraculous that my physical therapists thought I faked my injury - or so it seemed. And I had no doubt that, by the grace of God, it would heal me. 

My spiritual healer recommended that I use the glyphs to address parasites that she sensed in my brain and other areas. After treating with the Parasites glyph (15) for the prescribed time, the parasites were gone. I have shared my story with a number of others, encouraging them to make a donation and try the healing power for themselves. 

Thank you so very much for all the work that you have done and continue to do.

Testimonial - Tifarah Thomas  (USA )

37 - Nothing Short of Amazing

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs is truly a remarkable book, written by one of the most committed healers and practitioner's I have had the pleasure of knowing in this life. Dr. Logan has found her passion. One is gifted in reading the book and employing its techniques, with experiencing the obvious dedication and impeccability of Dr. Logan's intention to be of highest service for the upliftment of humanity, in the resultant outcomes from their use. Each glyphs specific intention, accompanied by its related mantra/prayer, serve to fuel sustenance to the cellular matrix of the physical body in such a manner as to promote the highest potential for healing and restoration to the particular part of the body/system being worked on. I found within 15-20 minutes after application of selected glyphs, the power of their energy, shifting and aligning my body for optimization and harmonization in a balanced and centered manner. I would encourage any reader to open to receiving the power available to self-heal through their use. Their geometries serve as fulcrums of Light seeping in and penetrating their alchemical elixir of healing and well worth their investment as a means to further one's own healing and rejuvenation.

Review ( - Deborah Cordrey  (USA )

38 - Kidney Problems and Shingles Resolved

"Good Morning Jean. I had to tell you 2 things. I had blood work done last fall, and had some kidney functioning concerns. I used the kidney glyphs, and drank parsley tea, and in the next set of labs, everything was perfect. My daughter had what she thought was shingles reoccur, so she used the glyph for (I think infection) and it cleared in 1 day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Be blessed, Beth" 

Thank you Beth. As shingles is a virus, this does not surprise me that the Glyph (10) Anti Bacterial/Viral will help shingles. Your message helps others to realize how these symbols can help us. Dr. Jean.

Testimonial - Beth  (USA )

39 - Jean Logan, has outdone herself...

Just when I thought Jean Logan, couldn't outdo herself, in arrives Sacred Symbols of Light. You won't be disappointed. I had bio-med testing recently and tested at relatively high levels for Candida yeast. Using the glyph and affirmations for this for about 3 weeks with probiotics, I then retested at very low levels - the Candida was practically gone. Also, about 6 months ago I sprained my ankle fairly severely, and it has been slow in recovering. The ankle and foot was aching last week and it dawned on me to use the glyph for healing bones and cartilage. I taped the glyph for healing bones and cartilage on my ankle and immediately felt a healing warmth run through that area. I left the glyph on overnight, and woke up to feel my affected leg pleasantly vibrating the next morning. I then moved the glyph to the top of my foot, where I felt more energy pulse through the foot. After 3 days my whole ankle, foot and leg feel like new! I thank you Jean and the spiritual guides who have brought all this information through for us. What I love most about this program, is that it works, but you don't have to know how it works, and you can't use it in a wrong way. Try it, I'm sure you and your family will find many new ways to bring yourselves to higher levels of healing and wellness. I highly recommend both Sacred Symbols of Light and Unlocking the Power of Glyphs.

Review ( - Reverend Barb Ross  (Nashville, TN - USA )

40 - Dr. Jean has hit another home run with Sacred Symbols of Light

Sacred Symbols of Light, the continuation of Dr. Jean's Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, is a powerful healing gift to the world. These glyphs really work. I have had a personal experience with a glyph called Clear Vision that has completely eliminated glaucoma and cataracts from both my eyes. Another glyph has resolved an abscessed tooth. I am currently using a glyph for the Reporductive System and one for Cellular Repair to heal an enlarged prostrate gland. I highly recommend Sacred Symbols of Light and Unlocking the Power of Glyphs to anyone that is serious about self-empowerment and healing themselves.

Review ( - DL  (Iquitos, Peru- South America )

41 - Dementia

Dear Dr. Jean,
Thank you so much for all the guidance you gave me on how to best help my father overcome his amnesia problems.
Given the urgency of the situation (the incidents had started to come daily, and several times each day or night, and they included falling-down and aggressive attempts to destroy things)...
I can tell you that the glyphs started to work 100% within a day or so. I asked for the glyph energies to be sent to my father Monday night (CET). This was followed by one more (major) bout of amnesia on 4 a.m. during the following morning - but since then my father has been his normal self again! I am so grateful to you and Source and all its helpers!

For your information, below is a list of the glyphs that I used following your consultation.

Healing damaged brain > send energy to the crown chakra: Glyph 68 (Symbols of the Dawn)
ALL neurological/nerve healing glyphs:
Repair damaged nerves: Glyph 23 (Unlocking the Power...)
Course correct and alignment (neurological function, nervous system): Glyph 26 (Unlocking the Power of Glyphs)
General balancing (brain, dehydration): Glyph 30 (Unlocking the Power of Glyphs)
Resolve nerve damage: Glyph 57 (Sacred Symbols...)
Resolving neurological problems: Glyph 96 (sacred symbols of light)
Circulation > send energy to the back of the neck: Circulatory system clearing and healing: Glyph 11 (Sacred Symbols...)
Detoxification (brain, liver) > send energy to the brain: Glyph 4 (Unlocking the Power of Glyphs)
(Spleen healing and support–later: Glyph 36 (Sacred Symbols
Parasites: Glyph 15 (Unlocking the Power of Glyphs)
Fear (for lack of self-worth): Glyph 5 (Unlocking the Power...)
Balance the chakras: Glyph 9 (Unlocking the Power...)
Clearing of meridians: Glyph 1 (Unlocking the Power...)
Courage, confidence and joy: Glyph 82 (Unlocking...)

Ingeborg - Austria

I get a lot of questions about glyphs for Alzheimer's and Dementia. Here is the protocol.
Use the Detoxification #4 glyph on the crown chakra to remove aluminum and other toxic matter from the brain. Detox the liver and spleen as well.
Take the glyph for Brain and Nervous System #68 and put on the crown chakra.
Put the Circulation #11 glyph on the neck to clean plaque out of arteries in the neck allowing more oxygen to the brain.
Use the glyph for the Heart Healing #37 on the back of the heart
Use the glyph for Neurological Healing #96 on crown and back of neck.
Put the glyph for Damaged Nerve Bundles #23 on the third eye.
Use all glyphs relating to all emotional healing and all glyphs for organs and glands. Consult Table of Contents to locate where these glyphs are found. Use these as long as necessary. Avoid expectations and judgment. Provide proper nutrition and supplements. I wish I knew all this when my mother was alive.