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Dr. Jean Logan - Testimonials

Testimonials On Dr. Jean

A dynamic speaker that audiences always ask to return. Provides the audience with information that is life changing.



“ Hi Judy, I could not access Jean Logan’s Replay from this message, and wondered if her interview could be given another presentation sometime soon?  I believe Jean is one of the brightest stars on the planet, and I was so disappointed to miss her talk with you... I would appreciate hearing Jean’s replay so very much!! ” Pamela


“ I purchased your books... several days ago. I have been sleeping with a glyph for the past several nights taped to my body in various areas. When removing the glyphs from my body and then attempting to separate the glyph from the tape, I noticed a stream of light coming from each one...My husband also witnessed this...” 


“ I was overwhelmed after listening to your audio tonight.
Thank you so much. ” 


“ My therapist told me about the glyphs and some of her experiences with them. She sent me home with a sample              “General Balance” glyph, and later I was surprised how quickly it cleared something for me, so I bought the first two books. Now I’m back for the third.”  DF


“ Jean Logan is one of our favorite speakers!”


“ Anyone hearing one of Jean’s presentations will walk away with valuable information that will help them make positive changes in their life.”