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Healing Glyphs - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About the Glyphs

Q: I have the books but where do I begin?

A: I recommend starting with Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, using the emotional healing glyphs first, and use them often. At some point you will want to use the glyph for healing and balancing the chakras and clearing the meridians. When you're ready use the detox glyph as explained below under the question regarding how often the glyph should be used. If you have the e-books, print out a copy of the Table of Contents of each book and put it in a binder. You can use this binder for the copies of printed pages of glyphs. Glyphs can be cut out individualy or more depending how you want to use them. Start by taping one to the solar plexus. The glyphs can be used again as often as you wish providing they are in perfect condition. If they become wet or damaged, tear them in half and throw them away. I use a small clear plastic fishing tackle box to store glyphs that are still usable.

Q:  I do not want to cut up the book. May I make copies of them to use?

A:  Yes, absolutely. So many people said they do not want to cut the book that in the second edition and subsequent books I only put one copy of each and tell them to make copies. I also include a statement allowing the user to make copies.

Q:  Can I draw copies of the glyphs?

A:  No, hand drawn copies or glyphs that are altered in any way will not work.

Q: Do I have to believe in the glyphs for them to work?

A: The glyphs work great on animals and they don't believe in anything. On the other hand animals do not have expectations, judgments, are not skeptics, or wondering if it's going to work. The glyphs are ALWAYS putting out energy that is coming from the light of God. Many people can feel the energy, however, not everyone can feel it. This does not mean it is not working. The biggest obstacles are expectations, skepticism, judgment and doubt. These put out an energy that can block results.

Q:  Do I cut around the wavy line or the square?

A:  Cut around the wavy line.

Q:  Should I use the glyphs facing the body or facing out?  

A:  I always have the glyph facing the body but the energy seems to be just as strong either way.

Q:  Can I stack them on top of each other?

A: Start with no more than two until you use them for a while. You are moving energy and do not want to overdo it.

Q: Can I use the glyphs over again anywhere on the body?

A:  Yes, as long as they are undamaged. I keep individual ones in a small translucent fishing tackle box and the pages in a binder. If they become damaged in any way, tear them in half and throw them away.

Q:  How often should I use the glyphs? 

A:   The emotional healing glyphs should be used repeatedly and frequently, starting with one or two on the solar plexus. Later you can use more. You can put them under the feet. Buried emotions are in layers and the more you use the glyphs, the more negative emotions you will remove. Use all of the emotional healing glyphs whether you think you need them or not. The detox glyphs, a strip of four along with the parasite glyphs should be used once in a while, under the rib-cage on right and left sides. The chakra clearing glyphs and meridian glyphs should be used once in a while. Other glyphs should be used on an as-needed basis. When resolving a long-standing issue you may find it necessary to use them weeks or even months. On the other hand, some issues may be resolved very quickly using the glyphs. This is especially true of animals and children. There is no wrong way to use the glyphs except starting with too many. They cannot be used too often or too long.

Q:  Can I laminate the glyphs?

A:  A soft laminate is okay although a small amount of energy may be blocked from a plastic covering. If it is too hard it will be uncomfortable. I also have used the clear packing tape but now I prefer to wrap the glyphs in a small piece of white cotton cloth which I tuck behind my bra or in my underwear. Do what feels comfortable.

Q:  What kind of tape should I use?

A:  Any medical tape. I prefer the 2 inch wide cloth medical tape that can be bought online or at a medical supply store

Q:  Can I put the glyph on top of clothing? 

A:  A piece of material does not prevent the energy from going though although I try to avoid putting them on busy prints or bright colors. That is probably just my choice.

Q:  Is it important to use the affirmation?

A:  A statement of intention or affirmation always makes the energy stronger. The choice is yours whether you use it or not or when you want to use it. You can create your own prayer or affirmation or statement of intention if you desire.

Q:  Can pages of glyphs be laid under the sheets?

A:  Yes.

Q: Will the glyphs work in black-and-white?

A: The glyphs seem to work just as well in black-and-white as they do in color. Affirm that they are just as potent in black and white.

Q:  Can you create one for teeth? 

A:  I am working on it but it is important to realize that proper diet and exercise are critical for healthy teeth and gums. An abscess is often the root dying because of lack of energy in the dental area that can be helped by exercise or other stimulation.

Q:  Can the glyphs help pain in my knees or hip joints?

A:   Yes, but the degree that it helps depends a great deal on how badly your knees or hips joints have degenerated, how much you add to the energy of the glyphs with your own intention, what kind of diet you are following and how you are managing your weight. Supplements can also be helpful here. If you are destroying your cartilage with a poor diet, you need to be willing to make some changes. The glyphs are tools to help us but we need to be willing to makes any changes that we need to facilitate healing.

Q:  Does it matter if I use them in the day time or at night?

A:  You can use them any time you want. If the energy from the glyphs working are keeping you awake, try using them in the day time. After you get used to their energy, try them at night again. There is no wrong way to use the glyphs. Use them anywhere and in any way you want. Understand that you will be receiving guidance or accessing your intuition. I find them most powerful when just awakening.

Q:  How long should I use the glyphs?

A:  That depends on what you are trying to do. There is no set rule. You cannot use them too often or too long. Serious conditions of long standing duration may take longer such as healing heart disease or brain damage. Some should be used often like balancing the chakras and all emotional healing glyphs.

Q:  Can I help others with the glyphs?

A:  Yes. Use of Glyph #50 Reaching Out or any others can be used by writing the person's name on a piece of paper and placing it on the glyph and intending the energy go to that person. You can also use a picture of the person or a surrogate like a teddy bear. Any of the glyphs can be used this way. It is important to understand you must do so by requesting permission of the soul of that person, not the individual himself. This can be done with a statement of intent. This can often be helpful for many issues like alcoholism, etc.

Q.  Can a glyph help regrow hair?

A.  Hair loss is caused by a lack of oxygen and energy movement in the area of the hair loss. You might try the glyph for oxygen in that area but there are other remedies such as castor oil that might be useful.

Q:  Is there a glyph for weight loss, stop smoking, stress or other addictions?

A:  These are emotional issues. Use all of the emotional healing glyphs on a regular basis to remove what is keeping you from loving yourself enough to make the needed changes in your life.

Q:  What are the letters on some of the glyphs?

A:  This is the name of God in Hebrew.

Q:  Please explain the Green Harmonics glyph.

A:  Green Harmonics - Several years ago we purchased a piece of equipment that is like a large massage table with speakers where the chakras are. A psychic friend visited and she looked at it and said “it’s missing green harmonics.” I asked her what she meant and she said “I don’t know, that’s what I just heard.” I asked Source and was told this statement was true. I created the glyph called the green harmonics and put them over each of the speakers. The secretary of our nonprofit said she frequently was told to use this glyph for some of her clients. I asked Source if some people are missing something in them that requires or is helped by this glyph the Green Harmonics. I was told indeed it is true that some people are helped by this glyph. I never pursued it any further. I just left it in the glyph gallery for people to use if they chose to do so.