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Holy Ground Farm - About HGF

About Holy Ground Farm

Holy Ground Farm is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization designated as a public charity. Its’ purpose is to assist disadvantaged children as well as help persons desiring to elevate their consciousness.



"Holy Ground Farm is an organization of conscious individuals who are committed to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects – mind, body, and spirit and who recognize the need of children that have special requirements. They are dedicated to assist these children in physical and spiritual growth while working together to assist in the healing of the planet and society in general. They will work with these children to share a commitment of common values of friendship, harmony, integrity and respect for the uniqueness as well as a oneness that all living beings share."


"The sacred glyphs that are brought through by Jean Logan are designed to help heal the planet one person at a time. By sharing the glyphs in a powerful way, not only will the organization fund their work with children, but the recipients of the glyphs will improve their health, wealth and happiness. The world will benefit from the example of a conscious organization that maintains charitable acts along with the intentional lifestyle embodied by Holy Ground Farm."

HGF Grounds and Camping Area

HGF Meditation Chapel

Campground Outhouse