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Free Healing Glyph

Your Free Healing Glyph

Dr. Jean Logan's 3 Healing Glyph Books and Card Deck

Dr. Jean Logan's 3 Healing Glyph Books and Card Deck

Let me briefly explain how I came to create the Healing Glyphs. 

All my life I have been troubled with depression and fear. Years ago I learned from Source Energy how to eliminate these debilitating energies through the use of hand drawn images I called glyphs. I was guided to have empowerment ceremonies for the glyphs and invite in many spiritual masters. Being sensitive to energy I could feel the glyphs working. I could feel the sensation of something being drawn out of my body. Glyphs work on a quantum level, communicating through a language of light-spiritual energy. 

I was told by Source to share this knowledge with others and ended up writing three books (Unlocking the Power of GlyphsSacred Symbols of Light, and Symbols of the Dawn). Today these books are available through our website by CLICKING HERE or world wide from Amazon.comUnlocking the Power of Glyphs is now available in Spanish as an eBook. 

The glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a Language of Light. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. It has been proven, many times over, that prayer heals. As I said earlier much of the information for these glyphs was provided me by Source. 

An example of a Healing Glyph 

Glyph #2 Trust - will remove the essence of fear from the DNA and cellular memory; remove the residual effects of criticism and complaining, self hatred and judgment. It will transition to Light thought forms, entities or demons involving the lack of self worth or any negative perception of self. The glyph employs the frequency of trust in God and the Divine Plan, balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and establish a self renewing protective shield around the individual. Fear is the greatest destroyer. We provide three glyphs that will remove different types of fear.

Glyphs Eliminate Dog from being Put to Sleep

My friend, Janice, was very distressed late one evening because her beloved dog, Abby, was in pain and unable to lie down, eat or do anything other than stand next to Janice and shake. She had decided to take her to the vet in the morning with the realization that Abby would likely have to be put to sleep as it appeared Abby had a kidney disease. There had been a previous occurrence with the vet letting Janice know that Abby would probably not make it if the problem persisted. I had Janice download the Healing Glyphs book and print Glyph 04-Detoxification. She gingerly placed a block of the glyphs on Abby and one under Abby after getting her to lie down (she appeared to be in pain so this had to be done very gently). Janice also put a few drops of Peace & Calming Essential oil blend on the pads of Abby's paws.

After about an hour, Abby got up and went in the kitchen to drink water; her tail was up and perky again after being droopy and tucked under her body. When she woke up in the morning after a night with the glyphs, Abby returned to normal eating and drinking. She was fine and able to go out for a walk. That night I tested Abby using my pendulum and found there were parasites in the kidney area. Janice began working with the Parasite Glyph (Glyph 15), and amusingly, Abby began administering her own program as she would like on the glyph for a half an hour and then move to another spot. Soon she would return to the glyph, and this pattern persisted for the evening. Two weeks later, Abby is still fine, but the glyph is in her doggie bed still. 

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We are providing you with two glyphs. One of them is a Healing Glyph to remove Fear (Glyph005.pdf). The other can be used to resolve GMO crops. The explanation is provided in its download (Glyph104.pdf). 

BONUS - Free Chapter from Dr. Jean's book "Unlocking the Power of Glyphs".

I would like to invite you to our site to learn more of what we offer and how we can serve you. 

Dr. Jean Logan